Well, someone forgot to do his laundry

So now I am doing it on a Monday,  which really makes this day feel like Sunday, but it is not! And I am bluntly reminded that everyone else is at work, while I am still only partially employed and therefore semi-partially-salaried. Today would be much more fun if my laundry room looked like this:

Jo Rabaut Designs

Or this…

House and Home

Regina Callan via Casa Sugar

Or even this tiny one:

Unfortunately mine looks more like this:


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Lauren Santo Domingo’s Moda Habitandi

I have no idea if that translates correctly as I seem to have forgotten everything I knew about latin conjugations about 5 years ago when I closed the blue book on my last exam. Regardless, here is the beautiful apartment of Lauren Santo Domingo (of Vogue, her wedding, and upcoming Moda Operandi fame), as featured on Vogue.com.

I love that this apartment ISN’T the sterile, modern, chrome-and-glass museums that have come to be the norm for chic New Yorkers. There is definitely a layered quality to her home, which I love.

Her art collection is museum-worthy. Yes, that is a Salvador Dali up there. And that Hippo bar is amazing! A little steam punk? But somehow it works!

This bathroom is actually shockingly underwhelming…she says that it is the guest bathroom, but still. I would have expected something more glamorous? Especially when her closet looks like this:

The room pictured above will turn into a nursery this spring when she has her first child. The child that may have the best genetic make-up (and wardrobe) of all time.

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Boys Club

What is it about boys’ things that women adore so much? Your boyfriend’s tshirt, boyfriend jeans (WHO looks good in those?), lumberjack-plaid button downs, Barbour jackets.  Am I alone in loving the smell of Old Spice in the morning?

Lately I’ve been collecting images of rooms that share a certain masculinity.

Mary MacDonald

There is something about the casual elegance in these rooms that is so attractive. They are beautifully and carefully put together, but not stiff or overly-designed.

Home of Kate Rivinus, via Design Sponge


My favorite boys room is Tommy Smythe’s (Sarah Richardson’s partner in crime). Two of his lovely apartments have been featured on Apartment Therapy, but this bedroom is my favorite.

via Apartment Therapy

Here is his other apartment; you can see that he reuses his furniture, artwork, and objets. A real person!

PS. What you see here is what he gets….these are pictures of his whole apartment! It’s only 180 square feet.

via Apartment Therapy

Now on to the ultimate boys home, that of Mark Badgley and James Mischka. Their Kentucky estate includes every masculine element: dark paneling, leather, hunting and riding themes, booze, plaid…the list goes on.

Elle Decor

I’m dying for a bachelor pad with an unlimited budget…



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Winter House

I am chilled to the bone.

Thank goodness for the fluffy dogs that sleep on my feet and warm them.

I think winter should only be experienced in a true winter house, outfitted with fireplaces and wool blankets in every room.

House Beautiful

Samuel Botero in Architectural Digest

Carolyne Roehm in Veranda



Back to hibernating….


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Looking Up

This ceiling from the February 2011 issue of House Beautiful is so amazing! The designer is Gideon Mendelson, and he aptly describes the house as “a traditional [one], that also throws off sparks.” A gingham ceiling is definitely a “spark” in my opinion! I love the contrast of the white walls with the ceiling – a wonderful way to liven up a traditional pattern and call attention to the grand height of the ceiling.

I love the idea of painted ceilings, especially in nurseries where babies spend so much time looking up!

Domino via Decor Pad

Jennifer Reynolds

It’s also a clever way to disguise (or highlight!) an oddly shaped ceiling….

via Sarah Gilbane Interiors

Amanda Nisbet

…or create architectural interest in a room.

Krista Ewart

via Sunny Goode

There are so many striped and “tented” rooms, but this House Beautiful one is the first I’ve seen in gingham! I love it!


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Office Space

I’m currently working on a design project for an office space. I’m just getting a concept together, and therefore letting myself have free reign in terms of budget 🙂

However, it’s still a task to narrow down the exact direction I want to go in. I don’t have much experience with commercial design, and have an aesthetic that is much more suited to residential. Meaning, while I LOVE the London offices of Gilt Groupe…


…they are not what I would call “my style.” I want to design something that is modern and impressive, but also classically elegant.

I love this shot of Michael Kors in his office…where can I find that table??

via Habitually Chic

I’m also drawing a lot of inspiration from Christian Liagre for Holly Hunt:

Holly Hunt

I think this collection is a great combination of modern lines and traditional materials. I’m dreaming of an antique oriental rug in muted colors, with Michael Kors’ desk, and the Christian Liagre Editeur bookshelf. Now back to furniture hunting!




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The New Library

The New York Times has an interesting article today profiling Thatcher Wine, of Juniper Books. His company provides ready made book collections for those willing to pay the price. The article focuses on his “book-by-the-foot” market, which includes homeowners, designers, real estate agents, et c., who have a big space and need to fill it fast. Juniper Books specializes in sets with matching bindings – a trend we’ve seen in the blogging world for a long time!

Apartment Therapy

I’m not a fan of the much-discussed Kraft paper covered books; how could you possibly find a book you are looking for, and if you don’t plan on reading, why spend the money to buy them? Furthermore, it isn’t so visually stunning that it’s worth the sacrifice. (If you feel differently, you can purchase a foot of random kraft wrapped books for only $39.99! It’s like a grab bag of literature, that you will probably never read.) The happy medium, I suppose, lies in the library of India Hicks:

Domino via Apartment Therapy

The NY Times article highlights an interesting difference: books as art and books as reading materials. In some of the projects mentioned, books were clearly being used as art installations, such as Philippe Starck’s Spa Icon Brickell at the Vicery in Miami:

Viceroy Miami

The effect is truly beautiful and unique.  But to think of all the children in this country  who do not have access to books and then to see 2,000 perfectly good ones wrapped in white paper to sit on a shelf for all eternity? It’s somewhat nauseating. The article is full of other harrowing projects (i.e. the news program that requested their books be cut in half to fit the shallow depth of the on set bookshelves).

More interesting to me are the libraries composed by sellers that have “naturally” matching bindings, as opposed to designer-imposed ones. Can you imagine sourcing 2,000 light blue, leather bound, English-language, standard height books?? No wonder Juniper Books charges a hefty rate; the alternative is a designer’s nightmare.

Matching collections can be beautiful, I guess, but what ever happened to the old fashioned idea of building a library of personal choice? Even clients that request certain topics for their libraries are losing the deeply personal experience of buying books and developing relationships with them. It’s a thought-provoking article, to be sure; it concludes with this huge can of worms:

Ms. Mack added that she was working with a decorator to “refresh” her own Manhattan apartment, and was hoping to decorate lavishly with books. She wondered if she might stack her books and turn them into legs for a coffee table.

“Then,” she said, “I can put my Kindle on top.”


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