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Inspiration from the new DVF Home

Few fashion designers have been as successful in the transition to home decor as Diane Von Furstenberg, and I’m starting to think it’s because she is a marketing genius. Right smack in the middle of NYFW, she is introducing her new DVF Home line at Bloomingdales, and secured some prime exposure for it by decorating the VIP lounge at Lincoln Center. Her advertising team also came up with the great tagline, “ready to wear home,” which is very fitting for the fashion-filled environment she is debuting in.

DVF Ready to Wear Home

DVF Ready to Wear Home Duvets

I love all the crazy prints and patterns, but I might buy a king size sheet and make curtains, instead of using them as duvets.

How amazing would that Zig Zag print look as long straight curtains or a roman blind?

I love graphic prints on the dinnerware, but I’m not sure about the polygonal plates. I’ll take the gold snakeskin or green zebra print though, if anybody’s asking!

All images from Bloomingdales.


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Victoria Hagan and Marianne Hagan on the Martha Stewart Show

Victoria Hagan was on the special “sisters” episode of the Martha Stewart Show today, along with her sister and co-author of Victoria Hagan Interior Portraits, Marianne Hagan. They both looked gorgeous, and you could really see the family resemblance! They talked about the process of writing the book together, and discussed some of their favorite images. Victoria said she is a “big believer in looking out to the view and taking in a touch of the landscape, and bringing your home outside to the garden.”  She also said that green is like “a little black dress for every room,” and Marianne pointed out that she often adds something green as a finishing touch in her designs. On that note, they shared some simple flower arrangements that Victoria often uses:

1. Trays of Wheatgrass: This is definitely a Victoria Hagan signature, and is seen in some of her most iconic photographs, like this staircase:

It’s probably the simplest floral arrangement I can think of, and yet so effective. You just buy plots of wheatgrass at the grocery store, and stick them in a tray, a cake pan, or maybe even in the container they come in?

More wheatgrass images:

You could also use wheatgrass as a runner on a dining room table for an easy, modern centerpiece.

2. Tulips: Victoria loves her tulips! She said on the show that a lot of people are scared to use tulips, because they flop. I think that is definitely true, I hate floppy tulips! She suggested using a tall vessel with a wide neck, and sticking the tulips deep into it, so they are just barely poking out the top, as seen below.

However, you could also just embrace the droopiness!

Victoria also suggested taking 1 tulip, snapping it off and placing it in a small bud vase, as seen above.

3. Herbs in bud vases: I couldn’t find any examples of this in her past work (although it is a great idea!) but I did find plenty of small, simple arrangements in bud vases:

This is the perfect solution for those who are “flower-challenged” — you just pop a single bloom into the vases, and group them together. Couldn’t be easier.

4. Lilies: I have found so many images of the lily arrangement Victoria demonstrated on the show! She took a long-stemmed, white Trumpet lily and removed the leaves from the lower 3/4 of the stem, then placed it in a tall beaker vase.

5. Roses: Victoria suggests that after buying roses from the super market, remove the leaves and use lemon leaves as the greenery. It looks much more professional (many florists use lemon leaves) and solves the problem of the smashed up leaves that often come with grocery store flowers.

Something tells me those aren’t grocery store roses…

6. Apples: Victoria didn’t mention apples in her segment, but I did notice them sitting on the table in front of her and Martha. She uses bowls of apples all the time in her styling, and they add a great pop of color in the rooms.

7. Hydrangeas: Hydrangeas weren’t discussed either but they are absolute staples of her portfolio. They can also be very simple to arrange, because they look great casually thrown in a vase or as part of an ornate centerpiece.

These are definitely the easiest (and least expensive!) ways to add a little Victoria Hagan to your life…and maybe a good way to reuse those Valentine’s day flowers?

All images: Victoria Hagan Interiors

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Animal Print Decor…purrrrrrrrrrr

While perusing the February 2011 issue of Bazaar, I was told that as a woman in my 20’s I should “stand out in snappy animal spots.” Couldn’t have put it better myself, although I think I’ll choose to express my animal instincts on the floor, walls and furnishings of my apartment.

I love fur throws (faux is fine with me!). We have a luxurious cream colored throw, similar to this one in Andrea and John Stark’s bedroom, that is perfect to curl up in on winter days. I believe it was from Pottery Barn, but I’m not sure if they still sell it.

John and Andrea Starck’s Home in House & Garden, October 2005. via Moodboard

Zebra has always been a dear friend of mine, and her highness Windsor Smith’s, whose work is seen below. It really adds something elegant, chic and whimsical to a room. Stools, throws, or pillows are small doses of zebra that can hold their own and lift up a space.

Windsor Smith

Leopard print is another designer favorite; my current obsession is using this leopard indoor/outdoor rug at a runner for heavily trafficked stairs:

Ballard Designs

It’s affordable, durable, and so stylish. It would definitely add something special to those oft-forgotten back stairs!

via My Sweet Savannah

Looks like someone beat me to it, AND has gorgeous paneling, floors, and that mirror. jealous.

Animal print trends come and go (cowhides…sheepkins on uncomfortable looking plastic chairs…croc embossed leather-covered tables…) but a hint of the jungle here and there never hurt anyone!

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Lauren Santo Domingo’s Moda Habitandi

I have no idea if that translates correctly as I seem to have forgotten everything I knew about latin conjugations about 5 years ago when I closed the blue book on my last exam. Regardless, here is the beautiful apartment of Lauren Santo Domingo (of Vogue, her wedding, and upcoming Moda Operandi fame), as featured on

I love that this apartment ISN’T the sterile, modern, chrome-and-glass museums that have come to be the norm for chic New Yorkers. There is definitely a layered quality to her home, which I love.

Her art collection is museum-worthy. Yes, that is a Salvador Dali up there. And that Hippo bar is amazing! A little steam punk? But somehow it works!

This bathroom is actually shockingly underwhelming…she says that it is the guest bathroom, but still. I would have expected something more glamorous? Especially when her closet looks like this:

The room pictured above will turn into a nursery this spring when she has her first child. The child that may have the best genetic make-up (and wardrobe) of all time.

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Boys Club

What is it about boys’ things that women adore so much? Your boyfriend’s tshirt, boyfriend jeans (WHO looks good in those?), lumberjack-plaid button downs, Barbour jackets.  Am I alone in loving the smell of Old Spice in the morning?

Lately I’ve been collecting images of rooms that share a certain masculinity.

Mary MacDonald

There is something about the casual elegance in these rooms that is so attractive. They are beautifully and carefully put together, but not stiff or overly-designed.

Home of Kate Rivinus, via Design Sponge


My favorite boys room is Tommy Smythe’s (Sarah Richardson’s partner in crime). Two of his lovely apartments have been featured on Apartment Therapy, but this bedroom is my favorite.

via Apartment Therapy

Here is his other apartment; you can see that he reuses his furniture, artwork, and objets. A real person!

PS. What you see here is what he gets….these are pictures of his whole apartment! It’s only 180 square feet.

via Apartment Therapy

Now on to the ultimate boys home, that of Mark Badgley and James Mischka. Their Kentucky estate includes every masculine element: dark paneling, leather, hunting and riding themes, booze, plaid…the list goes on.

Elle Decor

I’m dying for a bachelor pad with an unlimited budget…



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