Victoria Hagan and Marianne Hagan on the Martha Stewart Show

Victoria Hagan was on the special “sisters” episode of the Martha Stewart Show today, along with her sister and co-author of Victoria Hagan Interior Portraits, Marianne Hagan. They both looked gorgeous, and you could really see the family resemblance! They talked about the process of writing the book together, and discussed some of their favorite images. Victoria said she is a “big believer in looking out to the view and taking in a touch of the landscape, and bringing your home outside to the garden.”  She also said that green is like “a little black dress for every room,” and Marianne pointed out that she often adds something green as a finishing touch in her designs. On that note, they shared some simple flower arrangements that Victoria often uses:

1. Trays of Wheatgrass: This is definitely a Victoria Hagan signature, and is seen in some of her most iconic photographs, like this staircase:

It’s probably the simplest floral arrangement I can think of, and yet so effective. You just buy plots of wheatgrass at the grocery store, and stick them in a tray, a cake pan, or maybe even in the container they come in?

More wheatgrass images:

You could also use wheatgrass as a runner on a dining room table for an easy, modern centerpiece.

2. Tulips: Victoria loves her tulips! She said on the show that a lot of people are scared to use tulips, because they flop. I think that is definitely true, I hate floppy tulips! She suggested using a tall vessel with a wide neck, and sticking the tulips deep into it, so they are just barely poking out the top, as seen below.

However, you could also just embrace the droopiness!

Victoria also suggested taking 1 tulip, snapping it off and placing it in a small bud vase, as seen above.

3. Herbs in bud vases: I couldn’t find any examples of this in her past work (although it is a great idea!) but I did find plenty of small, simple arrangements in bud vases:

This is the perfect solution for those who are “flower-challenged” — you just pop a single bloom into the vases, and group them together. Couldn’t be easier.

4. Lilies: I have found so many images of the lily arrangement Victoria demonstrated on the show! She took a long-stemmed, white Trumpet lily and removed the leaves from the lower 3/4 of the stem, then placed it in a tall beaker vase.

5. Roses: Victoria suggests that after buying roses from the super market, remove the leaves and use lemon leaves as the greenery. It looks much more professional (many florists use lemon leaves) and solves the problem of the smashed up leaves that often come with grocery store flowers.

Something tells me those aren’t grocery store roses…

6. Apples: Victoria didn’t mention apples in her segment, but I did notice them sitting on the table in front of her and Martha. She uses bowls of apples all the time in her styling, and they add a great pop of color in the rooms.

7. Hydrangeas: Hydrangeas weren’t discussed either but they are absolute staples of her portfolio. They can also be very simple to arrange, because they look great casually thrown in a vase or as part of an ornate centerpiece.

These are definitely the easiest (and least expensive!) ways to add a little Victoria Hagan to your life…and maybe a good way to reuse those Valentine’s day flowers?

All images: Victoria Hagan Interiors


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  1. ourhumbleabowed

    LOVE tulips! And, I found some faux wheat grass (even I couldn’t kill it!) at the thrift store and considered getting it, but I figured I’d try the real stuff first. Thanks for the inspiration!!

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