Scott Houston McBee

I stumbled across the work of Scott Houston McBee while reading the article on James Andrew on NYSD today. He has a huge, gorgeous, whimsical painting of an ostrich in his foyer that caught my attention immediately! I did a quick search and found his new collection of ocean liner paintings:

RMS Queen Elizabeth

SS Normandie

SS Michelangelo

SS Ile de France

SS Conte di Savoia

SS Queen of Bermuda

I can’t pick a favorite, I love them all! They would be wonderful as a series, but could also stand alone.

Scott McBee in front of SS Conte Savoia

And, as you can see, they are really quite large.

These would be perfect for an office of someone who had a particularly affinity for or interest in ships like this, or as a more modern interpretation of ye olde painting of a galley hanging over the fireplace.

Here are some others from the extensive collection:



Empress of Britain


SS United States


A similar look could be achieved by framing vintage ocean liner posters, such as this one:


Travel used to be so much more glamorous. sigh.



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