Lauren Santo Domingo’s Moda Habitandi

I have no idea if that translates correctly as I seem to have forgotten everything I knew about latin conjugations about 5 years ago when I closed the blue book on my last exam. Regardless, here is the beautiful apartment of Lauren Santo Domingo (of Vogue, her wedding, and upcoming Moda Operandi fame), as featured on

I love that this apartment ISN’T the sterile, modern, chrome-and-glass museums that have come to be the norm for chic New Yorkers. There is definitely a layered quality to her home, which I love.

Her art collection is museum-worthy. Yes, that is a Salvador Dali up there. And that Hippo bar is amazing! A little steam punk? But somehow it works!

This bathroom is actually shockingly underwhelming…she says that it is the guest bathroom, but still. I would have expected something more glamorous? Especially when her closet looks like this:

The room pictured above will turn into a nursery this spring when she has her first child. The child that may have the best genetic make-up (and wardrobe) of all time.


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One response to “Lauren Santo Domingo’s Moda Habitandi

  1. Who needs a fab guest bathroom when you look like that lol!! But seriously, I really love her home, I love layered homes too. Love the flowers and plants everywhere too, so cozy.

    BTW I have an award for you on my blog 😉

    xo Linda

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