Boys Club

What is it about boys’ things that women adore so much? Your boyfriend’s tshirt, boyfriend jeans (WHO looks good in those?), lumberjack-plaid button downs, Barbour jackets.  Am I alone in loving the smell of Old Spice in the morning?

Lately I’ve been collecting images of rooms that share a certain masculinity.

Mary MacDonald

There is something about the casual elegance in these rooms that is so attractive. They are beautifully and carefully put together, but not stiff or overly-designed.

Home of Kate Rivinus, via Design Sponge


My favorite boys room is Tommy Smythe’s (Sarah Richardson’s partner in crime). Two of his lovely apartments have been featured on Apartment Therapy, but this bedroom is my favorite.

via Apartment Therapy

Here is his other apartment; you can see that he reuses his furniture, artwork, and objets. A real person!

PS. What you see here is what he gets….these are pictures of his whole apartment! It’s only 180 square feet.

via Apartment Therapy

Now on to the ultimate boys home, that of Mark Badgley and James Mischka. Their Kentucky estate includes every masculine element: dark paneling, leather, hunting and riding themes, booze, plaid…the list goes on.

Elle Decor

I’m dying for a bachelor pad with an unlimited budget…




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