Office Space

I’m currently working on a design project for an office space. I’m just getting a concept together, and therefore letting myself have free reign in terms of budget 🙂

However, it’s still a task to narrow down the exact direction I want to go in. I don’t have much experience with commercial design, and have an aesthetic that is much more suited to residential. Meaning, while I LOVE the London offices of Gilt Groupe…


…they are not what I would call “my style.” I want to design something that is modern and impressive, but also classically elegant.

I love this shot of Michael Kors in his office…where can I find that table??

via Habitually Chic

I’m also drawing a lot of inspiration from Christian Liagre for Holly Hunt:

Holly Hunt

I think this collection is a great combination of modern lines and traditional materials. I’m dreaming of an antique oriental rug in muted colors, with Michael Kors’ desk, and the Christian Liagre Editeur bookshelf. Now back to furniture hunting!





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  1. Hi Katie! So happy I found your blog, looks like I get to enjoy it from the start =) I can see what you mean about your style not matching what is expected from a commercial project. I imagine that if you create a -functional design-, your clients will be happy =)

    xo Linda

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